Friday, October 5, 2012

What's in a Sunscreen?

There's a chill starting in the air, summer is finally on its way out. But before we swap our sandals for sweaters, there's still a few more barbecues and summer sunscreen days left to make a healthy switch.  But not all sunscreens are created equal, even ones that are sold under so-called “natural” brand names.

$800 million is spent on sunscreen annually and there are more than 1,800 sunscreens on the market today.  It’s no surprise that the Food & Drug Administration has failed to protect consumers from harmful chemicals & additives and allows misleading labels on food products, cosmetics, and household products, but rarely have I thought of sunscreen as being one of those products.  I have always thought I was lucky to remember sunscreen to prevent skin cancer on those all day fun in the sun days, not worried about what was in that sunscreen.

Enter the Environmental Working Group's Cosmetics Database.

The cosmetics database website was made to help you figure out what's in your beauty products, including your sunscreen.  Peruse it the next time you're scouring the sunscreen aisles but want a healthy option for you and your family to slather on.  It includes moisturizers, cosmetics, lotions, and sunscreen.

Some of the best sunscreens for 2012?  Click here to see a list of the best beach and sport sunscreens listed as safe for you and your family.

Want to know more about the sunscreens you already have?  Click here to search by name in their research database. 

Worried about your kids?  They include a list of children’s sunscreens that don’t make the grade

There’s even an app for that!  Download the sunscreen buyer’s guide in iTunes here. 

I gotta say, I’m looking forward to having Fall this year…but next time I purchase sunscreen, I’ll be brushing up on the EWG’s database first.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this sun while it lasts! :-)

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